Counselors to America's Small Business
Download Useful Spreadsheets
We have developed several Excel Spreadsheets that you may find useful, both in understanding financial statements and for use in your small business.  These spreadsheets can be viewed or downloaded to your own computer.  Although the non-formula cells have been locked to prevent your accidental destruction of the formula, the other cells may be changed to fit your business needs, including side captions.  The spreadsheets are accessed by clicking on the link identified below:
  1.  Start-Up Costs
  2.  Personal Financial Statement
  3.  Cash Flow Statement
  4.  Balance Sheet (by month)
  5.  Income Statement (by month)
  6.  Variable Overhead Costs Statement (by month)
  7.  Funds Flow Statement (by month)
  8.  Gross Margin Report (by month)
For Use in the preparation of a Business Plan:
  9.  Planned Income Statement
10.  Planned Balance Sheet
11.  Planned Funds Flow Statement