Counselors to America's Small Business
Finding, Hiring & Training Employees

This is another difficult task for many new small businesses.  It is also one of the most important!  Many experienced businessmen and women have concluded that "People are a Company's Greatest Resource."  It is a fact!

Find and hiring the right people, a process that is complicated by existing employment laws (see Understanding Employment Laws) is key to small business success.  Approaches to finding good new employees include:

1.  Consider a candidate with whom you are personally familiar

2.  Consider someone who is known well to a valued business friend
whom you trust

3.  Pay the "price" by using a good search consultant

4.  Hire a temp who has worked for you that you have come to know                 and respect

5.  Advertise for an employee (in the right places)

Training new employees is frequently overlooked by many companies, small and large alike.  Equally overlooked are procedures for effective performance evaluation and sound compensation practices.

If you are hiring an employee for the first time, we strongly encourage you to request counseling from a SCORE Management Counselor who will be able to help you avoid employment errors and find the right people!