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Determining Your Insurance Needs

Even a small business will need to protect its property from fire, accident, theft and other catastrophes.  Property damage insurance covers buildings, furniture and fixtures, machinery and equipment and similar types of property.

Equally important is protection of your business from claims involving bodily injury to your employees, customers and visitors.  Liability insurance also protects your business from claims resulting from damage caused by your employees or even claims based on misleading advertising or the infringement of patents or copyrights.

Other forms of insurance to consider include:  business interruption insurance, employment practices liability insurance, product liability insurance, and insurance coverage for automobiles and trucks.  Last, but not the least important, is workers compensation insurance coverage.  If you employ people, this type of insurance is a MUST!

We strongly encourage you to secure the advice and assistance of a good insurance agent.  He should be able to explain the coverages your business needs and assist you in acquiring that insurance.  If you need help in locating a good insurance agent, contact your SCORE office for assistance and referrals.